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Sunset camping, Lancaster PA, Shore RV Repair


Air Conditioning

Whether you are looking for an annual AC service or your AC is no longer working we are here to help. Dirty coils are a leading cause of AC failure. We recommend having your AC inspected and cleaned at least once a year. Don't let a broken AC ruin your vacation. If the unit can not be fixed we can replace it right on site! Go enjoy the pool and we will get you back to cooling in no time! Is that one AC not keeping up with the heat? Get a quote for a second AC today!



Don't miss out on the best Season for RVing because your heat isn't working. Schedule your furnace service so you are ready to go. 



Experiencing a leak? Let us sort through the spaghetti of plumbing lines to locate and repair the issue. We also replace tank valves. Have a difficult to use valve? Let's chat about replacing it with an electric valve. We can also sanitize your fresh water system or add water filtration options. 


Water Heaters

No hot water? Don't take a cold shower, call us to get you back in service. Thinking of upgrading to a tankless? Let's discuss your options. We are an authorized Truma AquaGo Dealer and Service Center. 



Is your refrigerator acting up? Schedule a service. We service both the electric and propane functions on your refrigerator. Tired of the performance of your RV Refrigerator? Ask us about upgrading your cooling unit. Wanting to switch it out for a residential unit? We can take care of that as well. 



No power? Burning Smell? Things not working? Breakers tripping? Fuses blowing? Schedule a service call today. We can also upgrade 30 amp services to 50 amp services. Converter not doing its job? Let's talk replacement options. Looking to upgrade to LiFePO4 batteries? We can get you set up. 


AquaHot & Oasis

Does your RV have a hydronic heating system? Whether it's diesel or propane we are your one stop shop on all things hydronic heating. From annual maintenance to major repairs and everything in between let us get you back to enjoying your coach. 



Looking to have a solar power system installed in your RV? Look no further. We offer systems ranging from milld to wild and everything in between. Call us to discuss your options for power. Enjoy boon docking with less generator dependance. 



Have a propane appliance that isn't working like it should? Smell Propane? Tank or Regulator issues? Give us a call today to get it taken care of. From the tanks to the appliances we service it all. Just bought an RV and want the system inspected? Well you can sleep better tonight knowing we will take care of it for you. 



Is it time to Winterize already? Don't want to risk a catastrophe come spring time? We provide full service winterizations to protect all your vital plumbing components when the temperatures drop. 


RV Upgrades

Are you looking to upgrade components in your RV? Tired of the small cheap plastic sinks and faucets? Let's discuss a transformation. Need a toilet replaced? Has your awning seen better days?  Want a better bathroom vent fan? Sky light sun damaged and in danger of breaking? All issues easily resolved by scheduling an appointment today. 


Roof Sealant

Did you know that most RV damage is caused from water intrusion? Water can be a silent killer. You generally don't notice it until it's too late. Your Rv's roof is the likely issue. We recommend inspecting your roof's lap sealant at least twice a year. Don't want to climb onto the roof? Rest assured, we can do it for you! We can inspect the roof and replace any sealant that needs replacing before it becomes an issue. 

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